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Kaviar - Discreet Vaporizer Battery

Kaviar - Discreet Vaporizer Battery

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Experience the ultimate in vaping convenience with our Discreet Vaporizer Battery, designed for those who value both performance and subtlety. Perfectly engineered to enhance your vaping experience, this sleek device offers advanced features in a compact and discreet package.


  • 510 Threaded: Compatible with most standard cartridges, the 510 threading ensures seamless connectivity and versatility with a wide range of vape cartridges.
  • 2-Gram Cartridge Capacity: This powerful battery can hold up to 2-gram cartridges, providing extended use and fewer refills, perfect for those on the go.
  • Variable Voltage: Customize your vaping experience with variable voltage settings, allowing you to adjust the intensity and flavor of your vapor to your preference.
  • USB-C Charging: Equipped with USB-C charging, this vaporizer battery offers fast and convenient charging, ensuring you're always ready to vape.
  • Extremely Discreet: Designed with discretion in mind, this vaporizer battery is compact and easily concealable, making it ideal for both public and private use.
  • Subtly Branded: The Kaviar logo is subtly branded on the device, offering a touch of elegance and brand recognition without compromising its low-profile design.

Upgrade your vaping experience with the Discreet Vaporizer Battery. Combining advanced functionality with a sleek, understated design, it’s the perfect choice for discerning vapers who demand both performance and privacy.

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